PlayStation 2 Analog Dual Shock 2 controller

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This is not a Sony Joypad!

Layout for PlayStation 2's DualShock 2 controller is nearly identical to that of the original for PlayStation's DualShock controller. This (for PS2) Dualshock 2 compatible controller is also compatible with all software that supports the original DualShock controller.

·Guaranteed Compatible to the software supported by PSone, PSX and for PS2

·Works on all for PS2 models (including for PS2 Slim)

·Support DUALSHOCK game, with two different Motors inside, two different vibration effects.

·Support memory card operation and Multi-player at the same time

·Support digital and analog controlled games

·One Direction key with 8 correctly controlling directions and 8 independent control keys.

·2 independent 3D control pads and two control keys.

·All keys are Guaranteed fully compatible with PS2

·Plug and play

·Ideal controller to play games e.g. Fifa-GTA

·Cable longth:6 feet

Package Include: 1 X dualshock Game pad controller

Compatible With: Sony Playstation 2

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