Mavic Air Landing Gear

Snižena cena2,999.00 RSD


Engineered specifically for DJI Mavic Air (does not fit Mavic Pro / Platinum)
Secure press-fit design for quick installation and removal
Aerodynamic design minimizes drag while flying
Raises camera 1 inch above the dirt, sand, grass
Shock absorbing feet reduce impact when landing
Lifetime Warranty

PolarPro’s DJI Mavic Air Landing Gear leg extensions raise the camera 1-inch off the ground, keeping it away from dirt, dust, and sand. Their aerodynamic design minimizes drag while flying, keeping your Mavic Air as agile as in its stock format. The DJI Mavic Landing Gear includes four rubber shock absorbing feet to minimize impact on landing, while rubber mounts ensure a secure connection to your aircraft without scratching the paint. The lightweight design weighs only 23-grams and has no measurable difference in flight time. Designed for adventure and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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